Manifest & Momentum

Do less. Align More. Get Ahead.

Learn a simple yet powerful method to align your energetic frequency with your business mission, triple your momentum, and finally manifest the clients and goals you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

In this Masterclass

The secret formula for building business momentum and gaining forward motion like never before

Are you caught in a trap of working harder and not smarter? Are you spending all your time, doing, doing, doing, but not really getting anywhere? Are you wondering why you can’t seem to get clear on your business message? This masterclass will explain why this is happening to you, as well as how, when and what you can do to change that forever.

Become a powerful manifestor, get clear on your message, and powerfully align with your purpose so you can achieve financial freedom, do what you absolutely love, and help more people on the planet.


    How to absolutely and definitely get clear about what you’re here to do, define your business message, and know exactly how to deliver it for maximum impact and serious momentum.


    How to remove the friction, fiction and fear that has been running your show (even if you don’t know it) until now. Find out what you need to do to anchor in your determination, desire and destiny using our belief busting, and better habit system.


    How to become the master creator using our 9-Step attraction actions. We’ll show you step-by-step, what you need to manifest like a master and actualise your potential for success.

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The Biggest Struggles We See Our Clients Face Today

  • They can’t get clear and congruent with their business message and purpose.
  • They can’t define their message in a way that is in complete alignment with their mission, which means they aren’t achieving the impact they’re looking for.
  • Limiting beliefs and old stories constantly get in the way of their ability to create business momentum and therefore manifest success.
  • They’re unable to align with the energetic frequency they need to create the momentum and traction that is waiting for them.
  • They find it difficult to sustain traction once they have it.

Your Hosts for this Masterclass:

Kimberley Banfield

Mentor and Speaker of Wellness Leadership Academy

Marcus Bird

Speaker and Author of Wellness Leadership Academy

This Webinar Is A Must If You’re Wondering…

  • Why you can’t seem to attract the clients and business you desire
  • Why you can’t get sustained momentum - you often have bursts, but why is it not sustainable?
  • Why your message isn’t sticking or gaining visibility
  • What you’re doing wrong. Why aren’t your efforts working?
  • Why you can’t get clear on your message and your unique offering, no matter how much you meditate on it.
  • Why you keep going one step forward and two steps back and can’t seem to build momentum
  • Why all the videos you’ve watched, courses you’ve undertaken, or coaching you’ve had isn’t working.

Be inspired. Not exhausted.

It’s not about how much you know or how much effort you put in.

There are many wellness leaders out there who have generated massive business momentum, are creating phenomenal impact, moving more people to wellness, and living their dream life. Then there are those who can’t seem to get there. Both are just as good, work equally as hard and put the same amount of time and effort into what they do. So why are the results so different?

What are successful wellness leaders doing differently?In this webinar, you’ll discover the missing ingredient that separates global wellness leaders from local wellness strugglers. You will learn the step-by-step momentum manifesting system designed specifically for wellness leaders.

It is not about what you already know
It is not about how much effort you put in
It is not about how many social posts or sales funnels you create
It is about choosing with clarity and getting into alignment
It is about collapsing your fear and fictional story
It is about creating your destiny from your highest potential

This webinar will show you how.

Because our formula is precisely and specifically targeted, it is proven to work fast. When your frequency is precise, specific and aligned toward your business message, you will generate massive momentum and manifest your success, and not just in the short term.

In all my experience I have never seen a frequency formula work as powerfully as the one we present in this webinar. There is no other formula that will manifest your business momentum as quickly and effortlessly.