Free 90min Masterclass with Andy Ramsay & Marcus Bird:

How To Become A Wellness Leader™

Learn our proven 5-Step System to build a holistic business that gives you more time, location and financial freedom.

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In this Masterclass

  • Package Your Signature Program

    We’ll show you how to design your own wellness program that allows you to attain time, location, and financial freedom. So you can earn — while not practicing — from anywhere in world.

  • Break Free from Limiting 1 to 1 Sessions

    Developing a personal blueprint for your business will allow you to level up, so you can have a positive influence on the planet.

  • Become an Authority in Your Wellness Niche

    Whether that’s as an author, speaker, or coach — we’ll give you the tools for you to become the expert in your niche and make real change in the world.

  • Achieve A Constant Flow of Clients and Never Have To ‘Sell’ Again

    We’ll show you how to use automation techniques to secure a reliable influx of clients that are looking for you. No more clambering for clients when you need them.

  • The Secret to Attracting Your A-grade Tribe

    By achieving clarity in your mission and defining your message, your A-grade clients will understand who you are, and they’ll strive to work with you. We can show you how to do this

Your Hosts for this Masterclass:


Founder of Wellness Leadership Academy


Founder of Wellness Leadership Academy

This is a must attend event if...

  • You’ve hit the WALL: Day in day out, 1 to 1 sessions, selling, running your business and your energy is waning. You’re only human, right?
  • You want to LIBERATE yourself from time-for-money trap, so you can spend more time doing the things you love, with those you love most
  • You don’t have a consistent flow of clients or a way to earn an income without you being at the clinic
  • You’ve been trying to GROW your business for months or years but haven’t gained any serious traction that inspires you to keep going.
  • You’ve don’t have enough hours in the day and you need to know WHAT WORKS NOW, so you can create a successful wellness business that generates income through online programs
  • You feel you’re not living up to your full potential and want to make a bigger difference on the planet

“Andy & Marcus changed my approach to building my business by showing me that it’s important to be exactly who I am and work with the type of people I love.”


“The most helpful part of working with Andy & Marcus has been the seed sheets and the resources to create successful freebies and ad campaigns to get those bits of wisdom into the hands of my ideal clients.”


“My Results were having 20 women go through my online program. 18K likes on my Facebook page. Earning an extra 30K. Being interviewed on 2 TV programs, a radio show, and a couple of podcasts.”


“I had always struggled with how to... market myself. What Andy and Marcus have provided is a step-by-step manual on how to do this.”